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Merging 6.2 fixes into B7 (#461)

* Don't send cooldown to npcs!

* Bad logic is bad.

* Update Authors.md link to my profile

* Force WorldPos height/width to the Tile Size when no graphic is available

* Force waiting for a server response upon selecting a character.

* Disable the button and re-enable it when no longer waiting for a server response.

* Changes batch 1

* Changes batch 2

* Also disable logout button while waiting for a server response.

* Fix some comment mishaps.

* Do not generate keys on every build

Co-authored-by: Cheshire <azurebeats@hotmail.nl>
Co-authored-by: Robert Lodico <lodico.rj@gmail.com>
jcsnider 10 files  724d208a87bf 21 Jan 21 00:26
Asset compression, encryption and packing changes (#308)

* Add Gzip Compression to Texture Packs.

* Add a basic level of encryption to the compression class.

* Cleaned up some leftover references.

* We should all get more A(ES) in our lives.

I wanted to be rid of the bloody DES warning, and this key is much more fun.

* Add the ability to also encrypt and package up sounds.

* Forgot to include a cache update.

* Add updater support for the new sound packages. Renamed graphics packages to be in line.

* Fix a dumbdumb, add music packing support and some general fixing up

* Comments and a small dispose fix on AssetPacker.

* Make checking for files in an Asset Pack more straightforward, fixed an issue that would stop non-lowercase music to not load from asset packs

* Make asset packing a configurable option with settings in the editor, rather than its own menu option

* Fixing possible case sensitivity issues.

* Fixed a few small issues that were preventing compilation. Stopped creating useless empty directories if packing.

Co-authored-by: JC Snider <jcsnider@users.noreply.github.com>
Co-authored-by: JC Snider <jcsnider3@gmail.com>
azurebeats 18 files  902fce69d82a 20 Jan 21 23:36
Dynamic Map Layers & Extendable Attributes (#379)

* Dynamic Map Layers & Extendable Attributes!

* Custom rendering of the map layer icons based on the dynamic layer config.

* Minor cleanup

* Localize all the config options!

* Localization dictionaries expect the keys to be lowercase it seems.

* Fix error when trying to copy/paste with current layer only enabled

* Resolve double returns

* Interpolation is better than concatenation.

* Use nameof instead of explicit strings for reserved layer names

* It compiles now!

Co-authored-by: Cheshire <azurebeats@hotmail.nl>
jcsnider 36 files  b4bb689abf5c 19 Jan 21 02:56
Merge pull request #455 from AscensionGameDev/network-plugins

Networking support for plugins
jcsnider 0 files  f2e59f629c29 19 Jan 21 01:32
chore: cleanup more jb annotations lodico.rj 2 files  d87ebef98819 19 Jan 21 01:30
Updated examples lodico.rj 69 files  7ceb0e2ab0da 03 Jan 21 06:52
Updated scripts, targets lodico.rj 8 files  ac71b643845b 03 Jan 21 06:52
feat: add networking to plugins
Removed JetBrains.Annotations from all core projects
Added plugin networking as needed to projects
- Note: Editor required some changes because of shared interfaces
with the client, but it does not have plugins still
lodico.rj 353 files  3fb876657036 03 Jan 21 06:51
Removed annotations Intersect.Tests lodico.rj 6 files  cc5bac78a1be 03 Jan 21 06:46
Removed annotations Intersect.Building lodico.rj 3 files  c0a867c23534 03 Jan 21 06:45
Merge pull request #331 from Cheshire92/ChatboxTabs

Add Chatbox tabs and the ability to tag messages with categories.
jcsnider 5 files  41b37099d72e 19 Jan 21 01:01
Fix build azurebeats 1 file  cb810fb82193 20 Dec 20 08:19
Merge branch 'development' into ChatboxTabs azurebeats 6 files  97472c45bab5 20 Dec 20 08:17
Merge branch 'development' into ChatboxTabs azurebeats 4 files  8b5d077d2b13 28 Nov 20 09:15
Merge branch 'development' into ChatboxTabs azurebeats 13 files  def862a4e641 15 Oct 20 15:21
Fix the last commit to work better when there is no channel selected yet upon launch. azurebeats 1 file  5e62213d0950 26 Sep 20 06:33
Set chat channel depending on tab, remember user set channel for All and System tabs. Fix a potential localization crash should none exist. azurebeats 1 file  d75e6f7e883b 26 Sep 20 06:15
Keep enum names consistent.. azurebeats 6 files  dd93572cef58 26 Sep 20 05:43
Cleaned up code, made generating tab buttons generic for easy expansion. azurebeats 5 files  03fb920c55e2 26 Sep 20 05:35
Remove a pointless global leftover, make it clear which tab we're looking at. azurebeats 2 files  5db07e389996 25 Sep 20 18:27
Add a TODO for a future PR azurebeats 1 file  695567fb4fd3 25 Sep 20 17:31
I forgot to add admin to the system box. :) azurebeats 1 file  0b6759e0a28f 25 Sep 20 17:24
Adds chatbox tabs and all the logic to categorise messages and sort them by tab. azurebeats 21 files  7e0082ead4c3 25 Sep 20 17:20
Merge pull request #445 from AscensionGameDev/network-optimizations

Thank you Jon Skeet
jcsnider 0 files  f144dd47555d 19 Jan 21 00:52
Thank you Jon Skeet lodico.rj 20 files  45778a000698 23 Dec 20 10:34
Item/Spell Cooldown Groups + Configurable Global Cooldown (#355)

* Add cooldown groups to items and enable them

* Fixed cooldown display and non-group items going on cooldown.

* I don't even know anymore, just end me.

* Changed Cooldown Groups to work like Item/Resource folders do

* Functionality changes

- Added two configuration options to determine whether cooldowns in a cooldown group should match or not. And which cooldown to use when matched. (highest vs current used item)
- Made it so that items not found in the player's inventory also go on cooldown when in the same cooldown group.

* Fix some minor review issues

* Add Spell Cooldown Groups + Group Sharing for Items/Spells

* Adds a configurable global cooldown to items and spells.

* Documentation

* Add option to ignore Global Cooldown for spells/items. Fix migration oopsies.

* Disable Global Cooldown by default to not change game mechanics upon version upgrades

* Fix editor layout

Co-authored-by: lodicolo <lodico.rj@gmail.com>
azurebeats 16 files  a4eae0e7ecb0 20 Dec 20 23:18
Allow announcements to show a pop-up on the client-side. (#442) azurebeats 11 files  20435f52631e 20 Dec 20 23:18
Add ARGB Color options to Entities and Items (#402)

* Proof of Concept

* Database Migration, Entity prep and NPC Editor changes.

* Add ARGB to items, move Color to Entity class for expandability

* Add event command to change player Color

* Fix color display on CharacterWindow and EntityBox

* Changing to use nameof()

Co-authored-by: lodicolo <lodico.rj@gmail.com>
azurebeats 41 files  0bee67571b30 20 Dec 20 05:56
Map item rework, drawing names on mouse over and a loot window. (#385)

* Add basic map item name drawing

* Fix the render order and generalized some code.

* Only show map items we're mousing over.

* Comment that for some reason didn't count towards the last commit.

* Forgot to add these to make it work on multi-map areas.

* Unnecessary loops are bad M'Kay.

* Completely rewrote MapItem handling to be location based.

* Removed a piece of old test code.

* Add a loot window on the client

* Get rid of some copy/pasta leftovers.

* Abbreviate item name quantities and display them a little different.

* Simplify Loot All, finish up loot window.

* Make display of window configurable, as well as the item count.

* Update MapInstance.cs

* Update PacketHandler.cs

* Fix potential NRE and a small logic error

* Fix a crash when trying to render more items than we're allowed.

* Fix potential issue with equipment and bag drops. Consolidate new drops to existing stacks when configured.

Co-authored-by: JC Snider <jcsnider@users.noreply.github.com>
azurebeats 21 files  2b27c334b0f3 20 Dec 20 05:55
Item event enhancements + Give Experience event enhancement (#384)

* Add Variable support to ChangeItemCommand

* Add Variable support to GiveExperienceCommand

* Add Variable support to Conditionals HasItem and HasFreeInventorySlots

* Fix an order issue with getting Server Variables by data type
azurebeats 17 files  f17324869e95 20 Dec 20 05:55
Add options to draw Npc and Player levels next to their names azurebeats 4 files  4f4ddf98ff25 17 Oct 20 19:44
Merge pull request #441 from lodicolo/fix-439-440

fix: server build on linux, context interface lookup
jcsnider 0 files  50ed1cdc4b33 18 Dec 20 05:11
fix: server build on linux, context interface lookup lodico.rj 2 files  efafed9e5650 18 Dec 20 04:53
Merge pull request #431 from lodicolo/development-fix-linux-building

fix(building): fix build on linux using msbuild/monodevelop
azurebeats 0 files  fff0d132ce53 28 Nov 20 09:11
fix(building): fix build on linux using msbuild/monodevelop lodico.rj 9 files  439c14b7cc59 28 Nov 20 07:38
Merge pull request #428 from AscensionGameDev/logging-context

feat(logging-db): add logging db with user action history
azurebeats 0 files  7d0c7ea57a10 21 Nov 20 17:05
feat(logging-db): add logging db with user action history lodico.rj 20 files  03b681c5e53b 19 Nov 20 23:18
Merge pull request #399 from AscensionGameDev/prerelease-into-dev

Bring the most recent networking fixed into dev
lodico.rj 3 files  8b34a78c3ea4 17 Oct 20 02:53
Merge pull request #391 from AscensionGameDev/prerelease-into-dev

Update development branch with fixes and updates made to prerelease.
lodico.rj 0 files  6b86bdafe463 14 Oct 20 19:27
Compile pl0x jcsnider3 3 files  dc25c6c6470e 14 Oct 20 19:22
Merge branch 'development' into prerelease-into-dev jcsnider3 29 files  36a183076f0f 14 Oct 20 19:20
Merge pull request #332 from Azurebeats/Fix-77

Add a connection and logged in user cap.
jcsnider 0 files  44e4a5fc89a8 27 Sep 20 09:44
Add a connection and logged in user cap. azurebeats 4 files  9264251ff175 26 Sep 20 08:46
Merge pull request #334 from Azurebeats/CustomMouseCursor

Custom Mouse Cursor
jcsnider 0 files  276578222d21 27 Sep 20 01:04
Add the ability to set a custom mouse cursor on the client, made a generic method to avoid duplicating code for this. azurebeats 4 files  f9ac004aa87c 26 Sep 20 15:32
Merge pull request #327 from AscensionGameDev/merge-prerelease-into-development

Merge prerelease into development
jcsnider 0 files  88020d524f1e 23 Sep 20 01:59
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/prerelease' into development lodico.rj 5 files  303c61a0d450 23 Sep 20 01:55
Merge pull request #312 from AscensionGameDev/merge-prerelease-into-development

Merge prerelease into development
jcsnider 0 files  c059c15f979c 16 Sep 20 21:00
Resolve merge conflicts lodico.rj 4 files  12efd4ef273a 06 Sep 20 19:44
fix 267: download data as utf8 to prevent corruption lodico.rj 2 files  1cbe0bf56e17 27 Aug 20 00:43



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